What exactly is CloseFocus.net all about?

Well, I think we have fairly obviously made it clear this this site is devoted to the art of Close Up Macro Photography.

Macro shot of a wolf spiderFor the time being at least the main focus (excuse the pun) of this website is on developing a community of likeminded photographers to meet up and discuss the art. We will do this by providing networking forum for the exchange of tips, views, ideas, chat, help, advice, featuring images and photographers and of course a bit of social fun along the way. And a whole host of other community network type activities. A social media for macro in a round about kind of way.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ASSISTANCE TO RUN THIS WEBSITE. MODERATORS, PHOTOGRAPHIC CRITICS, WRITERS, EXPERTS; CAN YOU HELP? Get in touch via the contact page. We will be picky as we are interested in quality and you might be asked to prove your usefulness and ability.

So that is where we are! We’re starting with this community idea but we do have hopes of being able to do more depending on the response and engagement we get. Below is an overview of our aspirations for the future of this site. 

For the Photographer

First and foremost we aim to continue to provide a point of contact for photographers with an interest in this exciting field.

But we would like to be able to provide an option to run your own macro subdomain website directly from this parent website. The hope there is that it will give the photographer a chance to list themselves and their work in one easily searchable location devoted to that exact topic.

The CloseFocus photographer member using this service will get a blog website with a display web gallery, a profile page and a contact form.

If photographers viewing this site with an interest in getting this service can please get in touch so we can monitor potential demand.

Of course you won’t have to join up to our free website offer as a network member, you can simple join as a normal member and enjoy our forums and other activities.

Trading Post

Have old kit laying about you just don’t need? We hope to bring together a members shop to sell, trade, swap or even give away unneeded kit.

For the Viewer

Secondly we are here to provide a service for anyone who is looking for macro images or photographers. Moving on from the above the aim is that the site can offer a means for the photographer to display work in a gallery format along with a profile page and contact form. This gives any prospective picture buyer the means to get in touch with the photographer to work out any licensing or sales agreement.


Well, not as in the traditional sense as such anyway. We aim to link in the photographer to a potential customer. CloseFocus does not plan to take commission from any picture sales made through the connections on this website. We will not be managing uploaded images either, that is the photographer members responsibility.

The only time we would intervene with image uploads will be by removing inappropriate image content if needed.

What would that cost?

If we do get the subdomain website feature launched this will be a FREE service for the foreseeable. Hardly be fair to charge for something unproven and still in development. But as you;’d expect at some point we would probably make that a paid members level – Gold Member or the like. But fear not, can promise it will not be unreasonable. A modest fee on a subscription basis is most probable.