Featured Macro Photographers, Pin Sharp Macro Images and Articles required for our Features Pages and Blog.

colorful pushpinsSubmitted Images and articles

If you have an image you’re please with and like to share in the FEATURED section then please get in touch with us.

Here at CloseFocus we love to hear from our members and have a pretty much open door policy regarding submitted content from members.

We are more than happy to showcase your submitted work in one of a number of ways:

  • Image Only. To put in our Members Gallery with a short text about the subject.
  • Image and Blog. Submit and image with text on a particular image you’d like to share, how you achieved it and what you used to create it. This may be used both in the members gallery and on the featured page/blogposts if suited.
  • Photo Journal. A number of smaller images with a few lines of text about the subject. – This will normally be used in a blog post but may also feature in the gallery.
  • Text only. Aspiring photographic writers hear is your chance to get something published on our blog as a guest writer. We willingly accept submitted content on any suited topic to do with shooting macro close ups. This will have to be well written, technically correct and in English.
  • Reviews. For those with the experience we also require reviews on all kinds of topics to do with Macro. Equipment, Cameras, lens’s, services and printing services are just a few that spring to mind.
  • Tips and tricks. How to… articles required to publish. If you have a particular shooting style or method you’d like to share please get in touch. Will require text and demonstration images.
  • Pages. If you have an idea for another page on this site of interest to everyone please get in touch. Ask first, we’d hate for you to spend ages preparing a comprehensive added page for it to be turned down.

Web-blogs should be an average minimum of 250 words and ideally around 500 words, longer if covering something more involved like a review. We will always give credit to the author of both images and text and allow for a link to the authors own website or relevant credit. Please DO NOT use images without consent if they are not yours.

Featured Photographers

Established macro photographers can promote themselves and their work by submitting articles about them, their interests, preferred equipment choices and what got them into macro. Should be about 250-500 words have a portrait of the photographer and one outstanding macro shot. Article will have a direct link to the photographers own website.

At this stage there is no regular fee payable on most received content although we hope that this may change in the future. (This may be flexible for exceptional content).

So jump in, get involved and help out with content this Macro Flagship web site.

How to Submit?

In the first we suggest to contact us via the contact form with featured content submission in the subject field. Tell us what it is you propose to submit and we will then reply back with submission details. If you are planning on sending text copy it may be helpful to include a few lines of text so we can assess your potential style writing ability.

To receive content we have a submission form on site but for security we keep this locked. You will be granted access to the form once your submission request has been approved.


a few points for clarity of terms

We will of course check submissions for suitability and reserve the right to decline submitted content if deemed unsuitable.

By submitting any content you agree that the work sent is your own, that you are the author and have full authority to permit its publication.

We normally only receive submissions from logged in members.

It is preferable to include a little profile info about yourself, the equipment used, exposure and focal settings, shooting conditions (studio, in field).

Please be clear on how you wish to be credited by name for submissions; you may also include a published contact for yourself if you wish and a website link if applicable.

Please note that we do NOT pay for usage in this featured section (at this point anyway)

We cannot guarantee copyright security for unauthorised copying.  Therefore we strongly suggest that you watermark any image for submitting.

What we do promise is that we will respect your copyright ourselves and will not use the image in any other way without permission. Submitting an image is an implied permission to use in this website.

A featured image will hold the top slot for a period of time to (yet be determined) and then will slide down the page as new fresh featured entries are received. The image will remain in place on this page unless we receive a request by the author to remove it.