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Terms and Conditions

We don’t wish to tie up this site with a string of legalities and small print terms and conditions. But since we are in some form or other dealing with intellectual property we really should just lay down some clear ground rules and information related to using the site.

These terms are not conclusive and can be changed at any time…

Social and forums

Our intention on this website is to provide a place for photographers with the same interests to met online, chat, ask questions and have discussions via our forums and any other social interaction functions.

This is meant to be a fun activity. As such we do not and will not tolerate any offensive, abusive, inflammatory, hate, discriminatory or otherwise unacceptable remarks, posts or images.

Anyone found to be taking part in such will be banned and if the circumstances dictate find that their posts and any known contact information passed to any investigating authority.

Please remember that photography is an activity that can be enjoyed by all people and just about all age groups. Hobbyist photographers can be onsite from the age of around 13+

We would encourage any unsuitable postings to be flagged to admin via our contact form.


Without exception no posting of links to any third party websites or any sales media will be allowed to be posted unless this is a link to a related photography website on:
1) A members profile page to their own photographic site
2) In context to a post with reference to a link that is helpful or otherwise useful to our members forming part of a discussion.


All images displayed on this site are copyright of the submitting author. This website will not and does not take any form or ownership in any implied way. Images submitted MUST be the work or legal property of the submitting author. Any images submitted for use on this website may be used anywhere on the website for promotional purposes. No image will be resold or used in any unauthorised way without first seeking any permissions required first. closefocus cannot give any assurances of image theft by any viewers using copy functions on a computer. We suggest that any submitted image contain an obvious but non distracting copyright watermark.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances other than that required by law (UK law in principal) will any details be given out to any third party. email addresses are not used for marketing purposes or sold on for span use. We may send out periodic members mailings but this will be on a subscribe and unsubscribe basis. We may also contact you regarding any issues that are found with any of your provided content for forums posts, images or for technical reasons.